Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2007

Old joke but still laughing

Came across these 2 old video clips on YouTube. Still loving them. The original TV ad is nice. But the spoof is brilliant to me.
Reminds me of my days back in London when i had been there in 2005 for the "VisualRockStars" exhibition together with Dave the Chimp.
At that time there had been 118 advertisment posters almost everywhere. One day on the way to the gallery a women in the tube asked me if i am one of those 2 guys from the 118 commercial... Hu! Damn! Upfront hair cut i had.

And yes - i still do look like them...

(So this has been my first non-art-related post in my blog... seems like i have nothing to do right now other than killing time...)

Original HONDA Commercial VERSUS The 118 Spoof