Dienstag, 29. Januar 2008

Hessenmob "Imbiss" skateboard series

The new pro rider skatedeck series for 2008 has just arrived. Colourful "Imbiss" theme. That means: cheap snack diner. Check out the new online catalogue at Hessenmob.de

These graphics are inspired by my last year's travels around the world. There is the real existing "sausage capital" Tuatapere in New Zealand i passed by on the south island of NZ. Also i saw all those crazy sausage stalls in Taipei, Singapore and Seoul. In Melbourne i stayed in an accomodation above a pub where they served "The coldest beer in Collingwood" (name of the quarter in Melbourne). Just see the ice covered tap at the bar. LondonPolice and me had it everyday for breakfast. Justice! And my beloved "greasy spoon" in London is right around the corner of my mates DaveTheChimp and Kabe in the London east end Bethnal Green. It is called Astrostar Cafe and serves the best english breakfast for a bargain buck. It is filled with original old creatures... like us. And i always got the SpaceBurger after a long club night in Munich those days. And not to forget all the fancy little snacks of Catalan food in Barcelona. I tried to give a "the-owner-don't-want-to-pay-a-designer-because-he-got-a-clip-art-collection-free-with-his-computer-and-can-do-it-on-his-own" kinda look to all of the designs to keep the authentic cheap feeling.