Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2008

Hamburg Weekend - Part I

For the opening night of PMH's Show in Hamburg i had also Chimp and Burns124 as guest in my little hotel flat. The whole weekend was pure madness. I had to be the tourist guide to all my guest and an additional 15 british boozers. Crazynesssss! But our bad hang over didn't stopped us from going to paint every day. This is the first one on last saturday when there was a big writers' clash in Itzehoe inside the big bowl "Kessel". The whole area has been the big hall of fame for ages and now gonna be torn down. So there had been over 30 people hanging out and painting. And it was so damn muddy in there... This time i added a bear's face from my upcoming skateboard deck design "Flying Förtress VS Heinrich's Werewolves". Burns and me picked up the same colour scheme but we couldn't paint next to each other. That was a lttle bit disappointing. Could have turned out more impressive. But anyway... Part II & III coming soon.