Freitag, 9. April 2010


Finally i have a little time gap to post some news about the TURMKUNST project we have been working on since 10 days. We had the opening last week. I was in charge to do the first little painting outside for the public. So i chose to paint the Berlin bear climbing on the tower to make it a quick start-to-finished piece. Some people were a bit distgusted about the carnevalish block party with its overstated tamtam. I am sorry for that and for having "Captain Jack" performing on stage. I asked for "Tokio Hotel" to play but they were not available so at least they could get my second pick and we had Jack playing. Anyway. The tower is coming along pretty good. Hope to be able to post flix soon. Meanwhile i show you other things we are up to in our free time...
Photos by courtesy of JUST. See more from the event on his Ekosystem blog.