Montag, 3. März 2014

Postcards From Mumbai

I am on a little trip again the next days. Yeah!
And to increase my holiday fund a little bit i am offering this little gem to you again like i did while back on my trip to Pow Wow Hawaii.
So now you can get a postcard with honest greetings from me to you with an original little doodle Trooper from Mumbai, India. Just like the oldschool way back in the days when your friends had been on vacation and sent you a postcard with a little Hello to let you know they are thinking of you while having the time of their lives!
You can order your very own postcard from your best friend Förtress directly here:

Postcards will be picked individual from the local kiosks' available assortment.
Comes with stamps, postmark and bruises from its long journey from Mumbai to your mailbox.
Be quick! I will do a limited quantity only. Still want to enjoy my holidays first.