Dienstag, 23. September 2014

"Back To The Style" Graffiti Jam / Napoli IT

Can't wait to be there! Legendary!
Back to lovely Italy – Back to the style!

"Naples is on fire! See you in Back2theStyle international graffiti jam... Very good energy!

Back to the old style is a way conceived hip hop jam, a place in wich you'll find some of the best writers, breakers, djs and mcs. To watch, to listen, to enter deeply into a culture, to listen to the ITS vibration and to live its true spirit: let's go Back to the style.

Dyre, Fasim, Roice, Flying Fortress, Kosem, Rage, Nomad, Reso, Ofuske, Izzy, Brk, Nesh, Ogryz, Rebel, Lugosis, True, Koso, Slork, Zeus, Opium, Rota, Pencil, Teso, Gosh, Gola, Tres, Nedo and Ghost."

More details and information on the event and side-kick parties please check here.