Montag, 9. Mai 2016

"E.T. 420" / New Limited Patch Out Now!

This is a little fun gimmick i finally was able to produce and release now...
A Tribute to the old s-train model in my home city Munich at the time i started with graffiti.

Classification: ET - Elektotriebwagen / Baureihe 420
(Wikipedia read)

The old horse i learnt riding on! – "Immer mit Trittbrett!"

A real Germany legend and heritage...
Developed for the Munich s-train system that had been built for the Olympic games in 1972.
But they have also been running in the Stuttgart, Köln and Frankfurt s-train system.
Most of the waggons have already been swapped for new models and sent to the scrap yard.
A few are still in service and top favourites for hunting...!

So, it was about time to visualize an old pun about the "E.T." wording and this is my little slam-up patch bringing together two beloved species at once...

Available now!
Limited to 100pcs only, signed & numbered.
8-colours woven patch / size 9,5x9,5 cm.
Each patch comes with a 20 assorted sticker set! See photos.

Available at these stores:
Munich: Cans'n'Co / Stuttgart: Third Rail / Frankfurt: Canpire
Berlin: BigBrobot / Hamburg: UnderPressure


"S-Train 2 Home!"