Montag, 4. Juli 2016

"SKATEBOARTS" @ Forum Kunst / Rottweil DE

A show about skateboard and art.
Opening will be this upcoming Saturday July 9th, 2016.
All infos and official text below.

"»skateboarts« is an art project
that brings together internationally renowned artists from the field of urban art in a joint exhibition. Following a rigorous selection process, the art association FORUM KUNST ROTTWEIL has invited artists from around the world personally to create skateboards. Therefore, skateboard blanks were sent.

The exhibition faces the task to depict the skateboarding subculture and its connection to contemporary art. In the skateboarding scene hip-hop, punk and the DIY culture are bundled. Although soon becoming an Olympic sport, for the »daily-life-skateboarder« it is more of a philosophy and way of life, which they connect with their doings.

Skateboarding started its triumph in the 1960s in California and quickly evolved into a popular sport. The surfer scene and the attempt to transmit the feeling of surfing from the water to the road served as a model.

Early on, the sport joined up with contemporary art. Skaters painted their boards by their own or let recognized artists design them. As a result, some stilistic elements emerged subsequently. Thereof the exhibition benefits in a special way.

In parallel to the exhibition at Forum Kunst Rottweil and in the gallery ABTART in Stuttgart, where all the designed decks are shown, a skateboard contest in the center of Rottweil will take place as an opening event. On this day, an artist-shaped course with skate-able sculptures will be set up.

The book accompanying the exhibition shows all of the boards and makes it clear that the skateboarders and their artists are forming a scene that lives, develops further and knows to present itself as an essential part of international and cross-border culture."

Robert Hak & Jürgen Knubben


78628 Rottweil