Montag, 20. November 2017

Charity Pop Up Group Exhibition @ Kolly Gallery Zurich/CH

"This year Kolly Gallery decided to involve and support a charity program. Kolly Gallery teamed up with Roule Petit Ougandais (R.P.O) Association to raise money to give children in Uganda the possibility to learn skateboarding in their free time. Therefore Kolly Gallery reached out to many graffiti and street artists around the world to contribute customized skateboard decks. The participating artists are:
Speedy Graphito, Crash, Tilt, Ilk, Buff Monster, Flying Förtress, Gen Atem, Lenz, MOSES&TAPSTM, SupaKitch, Thierry Furger, Zest, One Truth, Sweet Uno, L’Outsider, Serge LowRider, Louane, Golden Green, Base23, Bruce Crowes, Tobias Kroeger, Chales Levalet, Pez, Twoone, Never 2501, 1010, Julia Benz, Ela and Pitr, Hilary White, Low Bros and many more. 
Kolly Galley is proud to present almost 50 customized decks in a pop up exhibition from November 23 to 25, 2017. All money raised by the sale of the customized skateboard decks will be donated directly to Roule Petit Ougandais (R.P.O) Association. 

Roule Petit Ugandais (R.P.O), is a non profit organization founded by Jean Claude Géraud and Richard Schenten in 2012. Indeed after seeing a video of Yann Gross who build a skatepark in Uganda and after getting in touch with him and Jackson Mubiru, a local associate, Jean Claude Géraud wanted to make his own contribution to the project. Teaming up with Uganda Skateboard Union and recently also Mongolian "Uukhai" Skateboarding Association the goal of R.P.O is to import skateboard material directly to Uganda and soon Mongolia to give children an opportunity to have access to education, sports and most importantly new live perspectives. Crime rate in Uganda is high therefore skateboarding should allow as well as empower young people to devote themselves to a sport and therefore avoid bad influences.
For more information visit the website of Roule Petit Ougandais or watch the video Road to Mukuno that shows how life changing the skateboards for the children in Uganda are. 

We cordially invite you to the opening on November 23 from 6pm on. The exhibition runs from November 23 to November 25, 2017 at the Kolly Gallery in Zurich."
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Kolly Gallery: Charity Pop Up Exhibition with Roule Petit Ougandais Association
November 23 - 25, 2017
Kolly Gallery / Seefeldstrasse 56 / 8008 Zurich/ Switzerland