Mittwoch, 29. November 2017

FF x RPO x KollyGallery / Ebay-Auctions

Here you can find the links to the two ebay auctions of my skateboard deck artworks i made for the "Pop Up Charity Exhibition" at the Kolly Gallery in Zurich/CH. The charity money they fund with the auctions will be donated to the Roule Petit Ougandais non-profit organisation. Find more information about this project here. There are also more customized skateboards on auction at ebay from artists like TAPSMOSES, TILT, GOLDEN GREEN, SUPAKITCH, ILK, 1010, THIERRY FURGER, CRASH, SWEET UNO and many more. See all auctions on ebay here.

These are the links to set your bit on my two skateboard artworks:

Flying Förtress — FÖRT VON BERLICHINGEN at


(Auctions end on December 3rd 2018, 6.35 pm)