Dienstag, 29. Januar 2008

Hessenmob "Imbiss" skateboard series

The new pro rider skatedeck series for 2008 has just arrived. Colourful "Imbiss" theme. That means: cheap snack diner. Check out the new online catalogue at Hessenmob.de

These graphics are inspired by my last year's travels around the world. There is the real existing "sausage capital" Tuatapere in New Zealand i passed by on the south island of NZ. Also i saw all those crazy sausage stalls in Taipei, Singapore and Seoul. In Melbourne i stayed in an accomodation above a pub where they served "The coldest beer in Collingwood" (name of the quarter in Melbourne). Just see the ice covered tap at the bar. LondonPolice and me had it everyday for breakfast. Justice! And my beloved "greasy spoon" in London is right around the corner of my mates DaveTheChimp and Kabe in the London east end Bethnal Green. It is called Astrostar Cafe and serves the best english breakfast for a bargain buck. It is filled with original old creatures... like us. And i always got the SpaceBurger after a long club night in Munich those days. And not to forget all the fancy little snacks of Catalan food in Barcelona. I tried to give a "the-owner-don't-want-to-pay-a-designer-because-he-got-a-clip-art-collection-free-with-his-computer-and-can-do-it-on-his-own" kinda look to all of the designs to keep the authentic cheap feeling.

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2008

TheLondonPolice 10" Teddy Trooper

Those 2 little lads will be available at RockAwayBear.com soon. The blue one is mad limited to 50 pcs worldwide! Hunting terror!

... urg! Horrible news! RockawayPamela forced me to tell you that there were only 30 pcs made of the blue variant! Oh oh!

Montag, 21. Januar 2008

FF X Smash137 X Base X Jers X Euro / France

More rotten action in that old factory site near Basel but on the French side of the boarder.

Samstag, 19. Januar 2008

Urban Feedback 2008 / Basel

Here are some flix from the exhibition venue we set up last week. The place used to be an old indoor market hall. The special high dome architecture was built to keep the atmosphere cold inside. And is was cold like arctic inside!

Freitag, 18. Januar 2008


Been to Barcelona last weekend. Just failed to get paint because shops have been closed for siesta. Damn. Found some nice books about the "good old days" in BCN. There you can see how the city looked like when it was all covered in colours. Also featuring some of my work there, too.

Euro X Förtress / France

While being in Basel we just crossed boarder to France to enter an old factory area. Nice and untouched... not any more.

Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2008

Wink X Förtress X Sweet / Basel

It has just been too sunny to spend the day inside the exhibition venue in Basel/Switzerland. So we went outside and hit the first in 200ei8ht!

Montag, 14. Januar 2008

Collin Van Der Sluijs' Teddy Trooper

More honey for the Troops this time! Yummy Yummy! See more from Collin on his website.

Honeymoon Suite / Hamburg

Drown in honey: Soul X Einz X Ambos X Förtress. Thanx to Ambos to do my letters. Done during the x-mas holidays. Yummy!

Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2008

Urban Feedback 2008 / Basel

On Thursday 10th of January there will be the opening of the show we are just working for at the moment. If you are in or around Basel and haven't voted for the SVP than you are wellcome to join us for the opening party starting at 6 pm.

Montag, 7. Januar 2008

Teddy Troops shipment arrived

Finally the shipment made its way through stormy weather from China to our warehouse. Now we have the 123Klan and Joe Ledbetter 10" Troops in stock. Also the blank DIY is back for purchase and waiting for your paint... Check out the website update at RockAwayBear.com

Sonntag, 6. Januar 2008

Cracked Heads / Hamburg

All the colours are in your head - so crack it open!

Freitag, 4. Januar 2008

Trash on Trash

Just a quick sidekick on a trash car while escaping family business during x-mas holidays.

Royal Guards Teddy Trooper

Standing still all day long protecting Her Majesty The Queen. You will never see any wink in his eyes. Customized Teddy Troop by Ryan C. More of his work at Reactor88.com

Woebots' Teddy Troopers

A whole bunch of them! Looking angry. But Fortress says: HAPPY NEW YEAR!