Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

Turmzilla VS Bärlin

This is another t-shirt design i made for the TURMKUNST project. It will be available exclusively in Berlin. There will be also t-shirts by the other artists Honet, Sozyone and Craig KR Costello.

Mittwoch, 24. März 2010

"Turmkunst" / Berlin

Here is the official flyer for the "Turmkunst" project in Berlin at the "Schlossturm" aka "Bierpinsel". Opening will be on Thursday 1st of April (no joke!). There will be a big group exhibition inside the tower currated by the Vicious Gallery. Also i will start as the first to get in that lift box and hit the building with the first drips of paint. Don't miss that – I will wear my nappies! We gonna work all day long during the next 6 weeks until the finishing party on May 15th. So be aware of falling empty spray cans when crossing underneath the tower!

"Mister Ace Facade"

At the upcoming "Turmkunst" project i will have to paint the "Bierpinsel" tower building in Berlin together with Honet, Sozyone and Craig KR Costello. We will have to squeeze into that tiny little window washer lift box which hangs from the top of the building in 50 meters height. Arrgh! But we will (have to) face deadly danger with a smile just like happy "Mister Ace Facade"! Limited t-shirt available now @

Dienstag, 23. März 2010

Munich / Pt. I

Been to Munich on the weekend for some family affair. Any free minute i was painting... Here this one's on my own at a spot my friend Loomit hooked me up at the Kultfabrik area to cover it in colour.

Samstag, 13. März 2010

Crowd Sticker Colabs

This is a new little project i started to hook up with all my friends i have been painting, partying and drinking with. Crushing together on my classic "Teddy Trooper crowd" sticker design. All stickers fit together next to each other as an endless wallpaper pattern. So far there are 14Bolt / Los Angeles, RobotsWillKill / New York City, Cptn.Rouget / France, DaveTheChimp / Berlin, TheLondonPolice / Amsterdam and LunarYCP / Zagreb. And more designs are already in the pipeline.... Beside the classic Förtress layout you can also see the "Teddy Troops Series 03" and the "Red Shadow" sticker design i made a while ago before.
If you meet me i will pass you some copies. Otherwise the come with any order at

Dienstag, 9. März 2010

De Blob - De Rip-Off

Thanx to Mr. Giraffentoast who reminded me of this game called "De Blob Revolution". I came across screenshots from it a while ago and indeed you can't disregred some similarities of these police-speakerbox-characters to my little Teddy Trooper fellows. But sure i don't own copyrights to any thing with a helmet and a star on it out there... Like always i just take it as a tribute to my work :-)

Sonntag, 7. März 2010

Sad Sunday

One of our greatest has passed away. My friend Sigi von Koeding better known as DARE lost his battle against cancer. Thinking back about him i am just full of good memories! Meeting Sigi first a few years ago in Paris at a festival where we immediately became friends. There are just a few people out there who are that smart, supportive, selfless and positive to others. Beside his great personality he has been also a real great artist. Working hard and convident on his way of life that took him rally far. But at the same time also doing so much for his friends. By being involved together to a few more projects since then we met up frequently and each time we were best mates and it was always high fun times. Thank you! There is a big gap left now that you have gone. This is not only really sad — this is just wrong! Why do the good ones have to leave first?

Sigi, now you have gone where only eagles DARE...


Samstag, 6. März 2010

MXS Trooper / Förtress design

I made this skin design of the new MXS Trooper vinyl toy from Maxiscoot a while ago. Finally they are out now — also featuring designs from my friends BURNS124 and KONE. A few copies will also be available next week at

Montag, 1. März 2010

Teddy Troops / ebay auction

More than 50 original custom 3" Teddy Troops from the design contest of series 03 are now for auction on ebay. Check out the acount of Actiontoysgermany there!

Colab work @

We just updated the gallery with original artwork. Colab pieces with MIST and The London Police are available there.

Sticker Phiends III / Phoenix USA

It's all about stickers. April 2nd, 2010 @ Studio8 in Phoenix, Arizona/USA. More infos here @ MadOne's site