Freitag, 27. Februar 2009

Keats X Poch X Honet X Form X FF / Hamburg

A quick one this afternoon. Just before we start to party again with our French guest here in Hamburg. À la tienne!

Montag, 23. Februar 2009


Uh! What? A dream? This has been the rarest Teddy Trooper ever so far: the exclusive variant for the Theme Magazine in New York. Now they just have launched their online store and offer this Trooper for $25! You better hurry to catch this baby! Only a few left... then gone forever!

Teddy Troops @ Woolwill / Hamburg, DE

Due to the release of the Teddy Troops Series 03 we set up a little show at the Woolwill Shop & Gallery in St.Pauli / Hamburg, Germany. There will be all released 3" and 10" Troopers on display. Also we have some original customized Troopers by Buff Monster, Parskid, James Yeah?, Miss Stephanie, Purple Pace and Förtress. And a few secret scraps...

Freitag, 13. Februar 2009

Förtress X Serval / Geneva CH

Yep! Got a photo from last weekend's wall with the injured-but-unbreakable breakdancer Serval (Gute Besserung!) in Geneva/Switzerland. Still snowing over there...

Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2009

New Teddy Troops Website

Finally i took some time and switched the Teddy Troops website from the old Flash code to an easier online tool. So there is finally a big update on this site. New look and more content: the complete overview of all 3" Troops series and 10" figures so far. Also there is a big customized Troopers gallery. Already filled with more than 120 flix. All the great works i had already posted here on the blog and a bunch more i snatched on the web. Please feel free to send in your own design to join the gallery army! Go and enjoy:

Montag, 9. Februar 2009

Förtress X Djil X NadaOne / Geneva CH

Before the opening of the ZEE exhibition i hang out with NadaOne
and Djil to paint a wall in the rain in the afternoon. Weather was a mess but it turned out very nice. Just 2 hours before i hit a wall with Serval under a bridge so rain didn't bother us a that time. Have to wait to get flix from that, too. Will post it then... Thanx again to all of you, guys!

Zee Trooper Installation

Made this 4-pieces artwork installation for the opening night of the ZEE toy release exhibition in Geneva.

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

ZEE Vinyl Toy

Here is my design "Graffiti Grenade" for the brand new ZEE vinyl toy series one. Released by from Geneva/Switzerland. Packaging design by my friends from Good medicine for your toy collecting madness!

Thank You, Switzerland!

Back from Geneva! Thanx to all my friends there! Flix soon...