Freitag, 29. Dezember 2017

Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2017

Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2017

Plop! Zisch! Ahhh!

...something refreshingly cold is in the pipeline...

Dienstag, 19. Dezember 2017

Montag, 18. Dezember 2017

"Supporter Pack No.1" / Patch Set

If you are a fan or not... worth owning this set of new patches! A little bit of biting the hiking culture. And also the "1st Place" patch is a plain bite/tribute of an old "fun patch" of the 70s. I stumbled over this design a while ago and i wanted it so badly to have it on my own jacket but i couldn't get it anywhere. So i just decided to get it produced in a little run just for myself... ha, modern times!...
And last but not least: a hand holding a spraycan.... how deep is that!? Groundbreaking!!

Set of 3 patches is available for a real bargain deal on now.
(also we have each patch available as single, too)

J.B.ColiBri / New Patch

Also i made this tribute patch to this classic Swiss commuter train model with its loving nick name "Colibri" (hummingbird). I am glad i had been able to catch it in "real life" a while ago... one fine early (but drunk) morning in my orange reflective vest in the Zurich "Haubi Woods"... Also i turned this idea into a canvas for my "Train Model Troopers" series...

Patches are available now in the webshop!

Greenling & Rustling No.2 / New Pins

Just back with the second enamel pin design of the classic FÖRTRESS  "Greenling" character (aka "Rustling" for the autumn style color variant). Let's say it like...: "Paint it green!"
"Greenling No.2" is limited to 70pcs and "Rustling No.2" is limited to 30pcs only!
• soft enamel pin
• size approx: 2,4 x 3,6 cm / approx: 1 x 1.4 inches
• multi-coloured
• all black iron cast material
• 2x rubber clutches on backside to fix in position!
• on specially designed display-card
Available in the shop now!
#notrightintimeforchristmas #teddytroops #newpins

Montag, 11. Dezember 2017

Maccaroni Radioo Pt.15

The Yeti Tale / Pt.II

... just a little sneak peak behind the scene... there is always a different point of view on any story!

Supporter Patches... soon!

The Yeti Tale / Pt.I

The new STYLEFILE magazine is out now. Issue no. 50! Congratulations! Featuring our "The Yeti Tale" (Pt.I) wall in the centerfold. The wall was done in Nantes/FR for this year's Teenage Kicks jam in late summer.

Here is also a video about the festival:

And some making-of photos, too:

Freitag, 8. Dezember 2017

"Winternotprogramm" / Charity Print By HEIS x FLYING FÖRTRESS

It's freezing dark wintertime outside here in Hamburg City again.
And therefor the "Winternotprogramm" for homeless people just startet again to give them a shelter for the cold nights. In beloved memory of our friend Sören Lombard, who had been a personnel support for this benevolent institution for a long time over the last years, we hooked up with IGEPA to release this limited print to raise money to continue this help for the homeless charity.

100% of the net profit will be donated to the chartable society "Förderverein Winternotprogramm für Obdachlose e.V.". The print is limited to 30 pcs only and each one is hand-customized by the two artists HEIS and FLYING FÖRTRESS of the JBCBs — JukeBox Charity Brothers!

Help us to help!
Thank you and a peaceful & warm Christmas time!

"HEIS x FÖRTRESS — Winternotprogramm"

• archival digital print on IGEPA's 300g/qm matte white paper
• customized & signed by both artists HEIS and FLYING FÖRTRESS
• size: 29,7 x 21 cm / approx. 11.7 x 8,3 inches
• year: 2017
• limited edition of 30

Available at

S-U-Pertrooper / New Pin Set

Ridin' on the metro.... or taking the s-train?
Set of two pins featuring Germany's public transport system logos on these Teddy Troopers.
(Note: this is not considered as an anual ticket for free train rides...! Schwarzfahren on your own risk!)

Get them here at

Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017

Protect The Spot!

Just a quick sidekick thing in Montana's color Plum.

Mittwoch, 6. Dezember 2017


Finally i came back to finish what i've started 2.5 years ago... Winter time in Italy!

Donnerstag, 30. November 2017

Mit Alles — Nicht Scharf! / TBT

Another TBT germ... Tribute to the 10+ (One More Round) italo-disco record label. Just fitting styles so good with the old Istanbul s-train model!

Mittwoch, 29. November 2017

Auf Der Reeperbahn Nachts Um...

A little Alfred J. Kwak illustration bite...

FF x RPO x KollyGallery / Ebay-Auctions

Here you can find the links to the two ebay auctions of my skateboard deck artworks i made for the "Pop Up Charity Exhibition" at the Kolly Gallery in Zurich/CH. The charity money they fund with the auctions will be donated to the Roule Petit Ougandais non-profit organisation. Find more information about this project here. There are also more customized skateboards on auction at ebay from artists like TAPSMOSES, TILT, GOLDEN GREEN, SUPAKITCH, ILK, 1010, THIERRY FURGER, CRASH, SWEET UNO and many more. See all auctions on ebay here.

These are the links to set your bit on my two skateboard artworks:

Flying Förtress — FÖRT VON BERLICHINGEN at


(Auctions end on December 3rd 2018, 6.35 pm)

Freitag, 24. November 2017

Patches, Patches, Patches

Just a pile of some new DIY patches ready to get sew on my jacket.

Donnerstag, 23. November 2017

Black Code

Safe some money using our special deal code for the next 48hrs only:

30% off on any order and any items of a total order-value from 30€ worth and up.
(Type in at check-out!)

Are You Automatic? / TBT

Another italo-disco visual tribute from back in 2013.
Electra's "Are You Automatic" on Best Records
(And a little bit of Diana Est's "Tenax"... don't know why... i might just had it on the boxes....)

Montag, 20. November 2017

Charity Pop Up Group Exhibition @ Kolly Gallery Zurich/CH

"This year Kolly Gallery decided to involve and support a charity program. Kolly Gallery teamed up with Roule Petit Ougandais (R.P.O) Association to raise money to give children in Uganda the possibility to learn skateboarding in their free time. Therefore Kolly Gallery reached out to many graffiti and street artists around the world to contribute customized skateboard decks. The participating artists are:
Speedy Graphito, Crash, Tilt, Ilk, Buff Monster, Flying Förtress, Gen Atem, Lenz, MOSES&TAPSTM, SupaKitch, Thierry Furger, Zest, One Truth, Sweet Uno, L’Outsider, Serge LowRider, Louane, Golden Green, Base23, Bruce Crowes, Tobias Kroeger, Chales Levalet, Pez, Twoone, Never 2501, 1010, Julia Benz, Ela and Pitr, Hilary White, Low Bros and many more. 
Kolly Galley is proud to present almost 50 customized decks in a pop up exhibition from November 23 to 25, 2017. All money raised by the sale of the customized skateboard decks will be donated directly to Roule Petit Ougandais (R.P.O) Association. 

Roule Petit Ugandais (R.P.O), is a non profit organization founded by Jean Claude Géraud and Richard Schenten in 2012. Indeed after seeing a video of Yann Gross who build a skatepark in Uganda and after getting in touch with him and Jackson Mubiru, a local associate, Jean Claude Géraud wanted to make his own contribution to the project. Teaming up with Uganda Skateboard Union and recently also Mongolian "Uukhai" Skateboarding Association the goal of R.P.O is to import skateboard material directly to Uganda and soon Mongolia to give children an opportunity to have access to education, sports and most importantly new live perspectives. Crime rate in Uganda is high therefore skateboarding should allow as well as empower young people to devote themselves to a sport and therefore avoid bad influences.
For more information visit the website of Roule Petit Ougandais or watch the video Road to Mukuno that shows how life changing the skateboards for the children in Uganda are. 

We cordially invite you to the opening on November 23 from 6pm on. The exhibition runs from November 23 to November 25, 2017 at the Kolly Gallery in Zurich."
(press text)

Kolly Gallery: Charity Pop Up Exhibition with Roule Petit Ougandais Association
November 23 - 25, 2017
Kolly Gallery / Seefeldstrasse 56 / 8008 Zurich/ Switzerland