Dienstag, 24. September 2013

kaNO's Bodega / Vinyl Toy

Made this artist edition for kaNO's Bodega vinyl toy.
Exclusive & limited blue edition of 100 pcs for SDCC 2013.
We got a small run of 10 copies in at Rockawaybear.com
Be quick on those ones! Sold out everywhere else!

Montag, 23. September 2013

George The Dog - John The Artist

Been on travel and to busy to post this event right in time for the opening... but the show is still on so might have the chance to see it while you're in London these days. Here are the details:


19-26 September 2013
189-190 Shoreditch High Street, E16HU

Private View - 7:30, 19 September

For one week commencing 19th September, Howard Griffin Gallery presents a unique exhibition of works by artist John Dolan. You may not think you know John Dolan, but he is East London’s most notorious artist. For the past three years Dolan has sat every day with his dog George on Shoreditch High Street documenting the surrounding architecture, elevating the old, decrepit buildings that are so often ignored and under-appreciated.

John Dolan has lived in London his whole life and has been drawing on Shoreditch High Street for the past three years. In the past, he has been in and out of prison and has a twenty year history of homelessness. These days, Dolan is greeted by the likes of Gilbert and George as they walk past.

Dolan’s raw portrayals of the street lead a viewer to reconsider something that to them is merely a backdrop to their day. At the same time, he highlights how too often people living on the street are invisible to those walking past them. Dolan’s work asks us to open our eyes and see this city for what it really is. Dolan’s emphasis on repetition allows a unique insight into the changing face of what is now a highly fashionable, gentrified area. He represents the old Shoreditch, the unseen side that lies just below the surface. Shoreditch's current identity now faces an uncertain future also and this exhibition records a point in time in which the area was at a turning point in its development from being a cultural enclave and street art capital of the world towards becoming a more sanitised district.

An interesting facet of Dolan’s work is the way in which he documents the street art and graffiti that came to make Shoreditch the cultural capital it is today. For this exhibition, he has worked with some of the world’s best street artists and graffiti writers including ROA (BE), Steve ESPO Powers (US), Sever (US), Gaia (US), David Walker (UK), Stik (UK), Nomers (RU), Maser (IE), Thierry Noir (FR), RUN (IT), Zomby (UK), Christiaan Nagel (ZA), Ian Stevenson (UK), Martin Ron (AR), Liqen (ES), Ben Wilson (UK), Dscreet (AU), Pablo Delgado (MX), MadC (DE), CEPT (UK), C215 (FR), Kid Acne (UK), BRK (ES), Michael De Feo (US), Ronzo (DE), Malarky (UK), 2Kold (UK), DALeast (CN), SNOE (UK), Faith47 (ZA), Agostino Iacurci (IT), Broken Fingaz Crew (IL), Hitnes (IT), Cityzen Kane (UK), Flying Fortress (DE), INTI (CL), Pelucas (ES), Rowdy (UK), SWET (SW) and others.

A street artist in the traditional sense of the word, Dolan identifies with this new generation of street artists and them with him. These artists have collaborated with Dolan by working directly onto the walls of his drawn cityscapes, creating unique pieces.  Ostensibly a solo show for Dolan, George the Dog, John the Artist will also in effect be the biggest street art and graffiti group show of recent memory, bringing a unique group of artists together to document both the constant and the ephemeral in a city that is ever changing.

Further information: info@howardgriffingallery.com

Montag, 2. September 2013

"Voltron" Teddy Trooper by SouthernDrawl

Another amazing customized 10" Teddy Trooper! The magnificent "Voltron" by SouthernDrawl.
Form Blazing Sword!