Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

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Montag, 26. September 2011

Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

Happy Cheddar

Found these in one of my moving boxes i had packed for the flea market a while ago. Happy Hardcore in full effect! Traveling back in time... haha, like 16 years ago. Bought these on my early trips to London. Mixtapes recorded live at big rave festivals in the UK. While happy hardcore music never got really big in Germany it was massive on the island (i only remember watching Marusha on the tv playing Jimmy-J & Cru-L-T's "6 Days" at on of the MAYDAY events... at a time when things already had turned shit). I still have hundreds of original tunes on vinyl (yes, i used to be a DJ too... and yep, my first record ever bought for sure was "Kraftwerk"... when i was 3 years old... truely.). I hadn't been into the whole rave movement from the early beginning when it was called "breakbeats" and more kind of sophisticated. I jumped in when it already had split into 4-to-the-floor "happy hardcore" and the darker "jungle"... and i went with the more cheesy happy side. Shame on me. Later bits of this music got some revival in UK-garage/2step and even the newer so called fidget-electro movement. Happy Hardcore has been an important part of the UK dance history. Sometimes when no one is around near me it is still fun to listen to a few all-time favourites even nowadays (i know there are tons of better happy tunes out there... just my quick private selection mainly from the 94/95 era as far as i remember them). Also remembering a revival rave i've been to in 2003 or so in London in an old brick warehouse under the train tracks i went to with PureEvil which was great fun. White gloves, whistles and horns crew! Dave The Chimp made this tribute artwork on a broken skateboard deck for me to celebrate my bad taste in music. Cheddar! Sorry for all this unpleasantness....
ps: maybe next time i gonna bother you with my brother's Gabber/Scottish Hardcore tune collection....

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

A little birthday gift drawing STNK made for me. Thanx mate!

Montag, 19. September 2011

Bavarian Endgegner Style

My annual trip back to my home city Munich for the infamous Oktoberfest beer madness... Kids! Don't do drugs! Drink beer! Last year i spent almost all 16 days of the Oktoberfest on the festival. This year only a one-day stop-over. But coming back next week for a few more days. Can't stand it without it!

Dave The Chimp @ Vicious Gallery / Hamburg DE

My friend Dave The Chimp is heading back to Hamburg City for his 2nd solo show at the Vicious Gallery. You HAVE to check it out because Dave is the LAW!
... and uh-uh-uh! See who is next in December...

Zimmer Frei & Deutscher Kaffee