Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

Always One In The Crown

Too much Champagne makes me & Chus start speaking Germlish....

243 Rampage!

Here is another piece from my "Train Model Trooper" canvas series.
Telling a bit of the story of a piece's evolution in time...
This artwork and others form the show "FÖRTRESS - MIST / Episode 3" are now also available online at:
Galerie At Down.

Freitag, 20. Mai 2016

"Robots Will Kill — 15th Anniversary Show" @ MyPlasticHeart / NYC

Just right after yesterdays opening of the "Who's Your Daddy" show in NYC there is just another opening tonight in the big city...!
Chris from my crew Robots Will Kill is currating this group show at the MyPlasticHeart gallery&shop space and put together some really great artists.
Check out that long list of featured names!
I will have 4 small new pieces on the walls in this exhibition — so dare to have a look...

"Robots Will Kill — 15th Anniversary Show"
@ MyPlasticHeart
210 Forsyth St. / New York, NY 10002
Oeping: Friday MAy 20th / 7-10pm


Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016

"I Am Better Than You!" / New Limited Screenprint

This might be my most modest print design ever....
... This new limited screenprint has been released by Galerie At Down for the double-trouble- tag-team exhibition "Flying Förtress - Mist / Episode 3" in Montpellier last week.
And now we have a few copies in stock over here at Rockawaybear.com!
Feel free to head over and get yourself a copy.
This is better for you!

- titel: "I Am Better Than You!"
- size: 50x70 cm
- paper: Vélins D’arches 270g/m2 unbleached
- 7 color silkscreen print
- limited edition of 100
- year: 2016
- signed & numbered by the artist
- embossed Anagraphis logo

Buy online at Rockawaybear.com

"Who's Your Daddy?" @ Kolly Gallery / NYC

Tonight in NYC!
New artworks will be on display together with work from no other than Crash, Supakitch and Grotesk. The group show "Who's Your Daddy" is set up by my long-term friend, supporter and gallery owner Julien Kolly and will be hosted at the 212 Arts space from May 19th-22nd.
So take this chance to see our work in New York City!

"In September 2015 the Kolly Gallery initiated a series of exhibitions, held in temporary locations, that are intended to bring attention to urban art movement. Temptingly entitled “Who’s Your Daddy?” each of these shows presents new works from a selection of cutting-edge international artists coming from a graffiti background. For its first edition in New York City, the gallery is pleased to exhibit the new paintings and sculptures of Crash, SupaKitch, Grotesk and Flying Förtress."

Kolly Gallery
c/o 212 Arts
240 E 4th Street
New York, NY 10009

Opening reception:    May 19, 2016 / 6:00 – 10:00 PM
Public show:        May 20 – May 22, 2016 / 2:00 – 8:00 PM

A One Day Horror Show

It's been an anual tradition since a couple of years now that i have to design a t-shirt for my good friends' "Zeitreise" boozing-bike-tour on Father's Day. Each year they come up with a cult movie for the general design theme. This year they picked the classic "Clockwork Orange"....
Put on your diapers for...

A One Day Horror Show — Let's get 'em Beers!

Montag, 9. Mai 2016

"E.T. 420" / New Limited Patch Out Now!

This is a little fun gimmick i finally was able to produce and release now...
A Tribute to the old s-train model in my home city Munich at the time i started with graffiti.

Classification: ET - Elektotriebwagen / Baureihe 420
(Wikipedia read)

The old horse i learnt riding on! – "Immer mit Trittbrett!"

A real Germany legend and heritage...
Developed for the Munich s-train system that had been built for the Olympic games in 1972.
But they have also been running in the Stuttgart, Köln and Frankfurt s-train system.
Most of the waggons have already been swapped for new models and sent to the scrap yard.
A few are still in service and top favourites for hunting...!

So, it was about time to visualize an old pun about the "E.T." wording and this is my little slam-up patch bringing together two beloved species at once...

Available now!
Limited to 100pcs only, signed & numbered.
8-colours woven patch / size 9,5x9,5 cm.
Each patch comes with a 20 assorted sticker set! See photos.

Available at these stores:
Munich: Cans'n'Co / Stuttgart: Third Rail / Frankfurt: Canpire
Berlin: BigBrobot / Hamburg: UnderPressure


"S-Train 2 Home!"

"FLYING FÖRTRESS - MIST... Episode 3" @ Gallery At Down / Montpellier/FR

This week's Thurday will be the opening of the third colab-show together with my friend MIST! This time together in Montpellier/FR at the Galerie At Down space.
Join us for some nice opening hang-out!

May 12th 2016 / from 6pm
May 13th to June 25th 2016

Galerie at Down
20 rue du plan de l‘olivier
34000 Montpellier


"bikeart.gr" Poster Exhibition @ City Of Volos/GR

First show of the bikeart.gr poster exhibition series organised by the Urbanact.gr team. Coming first to the city of Volos/GR. Having also my work on display. All posters will be available for a decent price and sales will be donated to their mural paint project.
Running May 13-23, 2016. Detailed information below on the flyer: