Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Super Fatcap

I just found these photos in my archives yesterday. I made this custom 20" Super Fatcap back in 2008 for a charity group show at KIDROBOT in New York. Unfortunately it got damaged on the mailing route.... So these flix are all that's left of it.

Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

"Vampire Bat" / customized 1000% Bearbrick

I made this customized 1000% Bearbrick for a friend this year. It is ready to drop the bomb!

Cactus Trooper / by Nick Knite

Got this nice paper folded Teddy Trooper tribute sent in by Nick Knite. Follow his cactus characters on his website.

Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Rare Sightings....

Sex, Drugs and ROCK'n'POCH

I still enjoying this more than any cloudy-liquid-lava-diamond-cracked-stone-faded tapestry pieces. So damn good work from my french companions ROCKY ROCK and POCH! Photos from here.

"Admiral Ackbar" customized 10" Teddy Trooper

I made another custom 10" Teddy Trooper for my show at the TOYKIO gallery. Like mostly everybody else my age grew up with the Star Wars movies and maybe more important: the Star Wars Kenner toys. I had been thinking for a long while which of the classic SW characters i could pick. Some of them are obviously fitting on the teddy and helmet.... Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Biker Scout, Death Star Gunner.... etc. Most of them have been remixed a hundred times. Somehow at the end i came up with the lamest and uncoolest character of the whole universe: Admiral Ackbar. And the Kenner's Ackbar toy figure even came with the most useless weapon of all time. A stick. "Hey! Look at my new stormtrooper figures i just got! Those big blaster they have! They can shoot down everything. What have you got?" - "Admiral Ackbar! He can destroy the Death Star! With this... äh,... stick... thing." (To not offend Ackbar's dignity any further i haven't given him a stick... thing.)
Available at the TOYKIO Shop&Gallery.

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011


Back from my little travel. Time to get through my photos. Here are some shots from the show at TOYKIO in Düsseldorf.

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011


"So... what exactly is your mate doing as an artist?" - "You don't know? These things with helmets... like this."

Montag, 11. Juli 2011

RWK - Too Busy To Die @ AYDEN Gallery / Vancouver CA

The RobotsWillKill show is going to the AYDEN Gallery in Vancouver, Canada. Thanx to PEETA for making this happen! Get all infos here!

"Robots Will Kill – Too Busy To Die"
Opening July the 15th / from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Ayden Gallery
88 West Pender Street
#2103 2nd Floor
International Village
V6B 6N9
Vancouver BC

Chauskoskis' VOODOO BEAR

Just stumbled over Chauskoskis' VOODOO BEAR. Amazing custom work on the Teddy Trooper platform! Check more customized toys on his blog!