Mittwoch, 29. April 2009

Brian Colin's customized 10" Teddy Trooper

See the whole process of this amazing customized Teddy Trooper "Shaman of the Vulturites" on Brian Colin's website!

PEZ's new website and vinyl toy

PEZ is back from Bogota and just launched his new website. Also showing this preview of his upcoming "Happy Fish" vinyl toy. Nuts!

Montag, 27. April 2009

Dave The Chimp's "Prints For The New Power Generation" show / Berlin

My friend and better-half of mine Dave The Chimp is showing new works at the ATM Gallery in Berlin. Check it out if you around doing some shopping in Mitte. Also his book "Part Of Rebellion #2 - Dave The Chimp" is coming out. Check photos here at the

Donnerstag, 23. April 2009

"New Skateboard Graphics" / Book

There's a new book called "New Skateboard Graphics" featuring a lot of skateboard companies - both small or big - including my friends' brand Hessenmob. Along with the who-is-who of today's skateboard deck designers there are a bunch of graphics in the book that i did for Hessenmob over the past few years. "New Skateboard Graphics" is a great follow-up to the well-known "Disposable - A History of Skateboard Art" book. Get your dirty hands on it!

Donnerstag, 9. April 2009

Happy Easter!

Kids go crazy on Easter! Thanx to Amielle & Elias!

Hector Umbra / Comic

My good friend and great illustrator Uli Oesterle just released his comic book "Hector Umbra". It is a great story about friendship and brain aliens. And it is set in the environment of my home city Munich. The book contains all 3 chapters of Hector Umbra's story. While the first album was released in 2004 the 2nd and 3rd chapter now are coming all together in this complete trilogy. I visited Uli in his studio while he was working like mad on his comic book. And all his effort turned out worthwhile because the book is a bomb! So far it is published in German only. (uh, just heart there is also a Polish, Dutch and French edition out!) Get it here.
(psst! ... my very first street sticker is making a sneaky appearance in the cityscape somewhere in the comic book :-)

Mittwoch, 8. April 2009


While i had been off to Zagreb to doodle and mess around my friend Burns124 came to Hamburg and dropped this nice piece in return for the keys to my hostel flat!

Samstag, 4. April 2009

Förtress customized 10" Teddy Trooper

I am not doing this often but here is another hand-painted 10" Teddy Trooper...

Freitag, 3. April 2009

SenorB @ NinaSagt / Düsseldorf

If you around you should check out my friend SenorB's exhibition "Der Pappe 1-100" at the NinaSagt Gallery in Düsseldorf. He will show his 100 pieces of cardboard faces. Here is an exclusive one: the Teddy Trooper tribute cardboard!