Donnerstag, 9. April 2009

Hector Umbra / Comic

My good friend and great illustrator Uli Oesterle just released his comic book "Hector Umbra". It is a great story about friendship and brain aliens. And it is set in the environment of my home city Munich. The book contains all 3 chapters of Hector Umbra's story. While the first album was released in 2004 the 2nd and 3rd chapter now are coming all together in this complete trilogy. I visited Uli in his studio while he was working like mad on his comic book. And all his effort turned out worthwhile because the book is a bomb! So far it is published in German only. (uh, just heart there is also a Polish, Dutch and French edition out!) Get it here.
(psst! ... my very first street sticker is making a sneaky appearance in the cityscape somewhere in the comic book :-)