Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

15.000 AND UP / Show

I am taking part in a project about setting up the biggest sticker collage. Read the infos about it below. You are welcome to participate and send in your stickers!

15000 And Up is a project in which the goal is to collect 15,000 or more stickers from artists from all over the world. Once the goal is accomplished, all of the adhesives and stickers will be transported to Russia, Barnaul. Then a large sticker collage will be made out of all the stickers, which will make the world's biggest sticker collage/ combo.
Important: The Deadline for your stickers to get here is June 30th, please send your submissions early enough for them to get here on, or before the deadline, or they wont make it on the show.

Funny Jeff.
PO BOX 2048
South Burlington
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