Freitag, 3. Oktober 2014

Napoli #5 – Back To The (Comic) Style

"Back To The Style" graffiti jam in Napoli. What a blast!
Big up to the Wild Boys Crew for setting up the whole wall with the brilliant comic style theme background, the whole Back-2-The-Style team, Andrea the driver, Daniele and Bagnoli Kings from Il Fuori Orario for all the good organization and making this so much fun!
Also mille grazie to Lugosis not for stabbing me at this wall, Tiger my new neighbor, BRK192 my spanish brother from the monkey rock, Crash the host, Koso, Slork, Nomad, Ghost, Zeus, Dyre, Pencil, Opium, Gola, Fasim, Roice, Kosem & friends, Rota, Hero, Gosh7, Ofuske, Nedo, Teso, Hurto, Wuk, Izzy, Rage, Nilo, Rebel, everybody else i forgot and Nes and the whole night vampire vagabond bunch!
I'll be back soon!

OZ - Rest In Power!