Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

"Hunt 'em Down!" / Sketchbook Illustrations

"Hunt 'em down!".... with bow and arrow!
Cumana and Metro line sportsman hunters.
I made a couple illustrations for this nice sketchbook project.
In collaboration with my friends from Back To The Style Graffiti Jam and MANUAL Paper Things in bella Napoli.
The book is all handmade and crafted! 4c screen printed all-over cover. Nice handy 18x13cm size. 120 pages on 120g paper for you to fill in with your sketches. Comes with blank double-pages and also some with my spraycan-creatures on it as some decent background. Package comes also with a pencil... so just ready to start!
The books are now available at and also a very limited amount of them is online over at our superstore.