Dienstag, 7. März 2017

Orange Keychain Trooper / Limited Edition

Together with my long-term partner-in-vinyl friend Muffinman we just finished a new super limited run of the Keychain Troopers. I think the last edition was way back in 2012 for my show in NYC...?
So this time this run will be available EXCLUSIVELY at my signing at the LA MOLE COMIC CON INTERNACIONAL in Mexico City next week. More details on the show soon.

Orange Keychain Trooper — super limited edition of 15 pcs.
Handmade and casted by Muffinman.

Orange...? A reference of the MX metro model MP-68.
Comes in set with the "Mexico City Rush Hour" patch and brand new stickers i made for my trip to MX.

So lucky you if you are either a local "good hombre" or you are spending some travel days in MX D.F.! (I know this release will create more tears of misery than of happyness... but stay tuned, next two editions are already in the pipline at Muffinman's Hexenküche....!)