Sonntag, 18. März 2018

"Elektrotriebzüge" / E.T. Patches

Collect them all! (or not...) Some are already sold out! I already made six designs for my "E.T." train-model patches. Juicing an idea, yes. There we have:

- E.T.420 / the legendary s-train model from Munich/Stuttgart /Frankfrurt / SOLD OUT!
- E.T.472 / Hamburg's classic s-train model, still in service / red version / SOLD OUT!
- E.T.481 / one of the newer Berlin s-train models
- E.T.400 / rusty old Cumana line model from Naples/IT
- E.T.420 Red / the new red-white-gray DB version on the last left units running
- E.T.4020 / cubistic style Vienna's s-train model

Start collecting as stock last: