Donnerstag, 8. März 2018

"KRONKORKEN TROOPER" / Limited Handcrafted Keychains

We have a new super-limited Teddy Trooper keychain edition available!
Handmade by the one-and-only MUFFIMAN in his infamous "Hexenküchen" (witches' kitchen).
As part of FÖRTRESS' "Italienische Wochen" all Trooper are featuring an ingrained used beer crown-cap from his last travel to Italy.
Some caps are those "real italian" PERONI ones but also some are these non-thrilling HEINEKEN one's... (sometimes this is the secure pick at the bar! Sorry, i know they are a bit lame!... But those are the rare ones! And the star on the crown cap is just fitting nicely to the Trooper's engraved star on the helmet!)

Available now at

 Each keychain comes in a set :
• 1x handmade "KRONKORKEN TROOPER" keychain by MUFFINMAN
• each is a one-of-a-kind unique copy!
• super limited edition of 14 pcs! split: PERONI: 9 pcs — HEINEKEN: 5 pcs
• each keychain comes in bag with exclusive designed header-card
• each bag is numbered on the backside of the header-card
• set contains 1x "FÖRTALIA" hard-enamel pin set (set of 2 pins)
• set contains also 1x "SPICE BOYS" t-shirt (size of your choice)